Steel Structure Laboratory (SSL) was established in 1997. SSL performs on analysis of steel structural behavior and systematic design technology. Interested research areas are advanced analysis, inelastic buckling, inelastic nonlinear analysis, and earthquake resistance design. The structures of study are steel frames, bridges, harbour structures, large storage tanks, and other steel structures.

    SSL focuses especially on advanced analysis among several research topics. Advanced analysis can treat rigorously the stability and strength of the structural system and its component members and thus does not require separate member capacity checks encompassed by the specification equations. With the current available computing technology with advancement in computer hardware and software, it is feasible to employ advanced analysis techniques for direct frame design. SSL is one of the leading laboratories in the world to develop advanced analysis for design application.

    For detail information regarding advanced analysis, please see the book " LRFD Steel Design Using Advanced Analysis " (CRC Press, 1997) written by professor W. F. Chen and S. E. Kim.