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Rapid prediction of the ultimate moment of flush endplate connections at elevated temperatures through an artificial neural network
Tran Viet-Linh, Kim, Seung-Eock [ 2022 ]
Interaction analysis of buckling behavior of 800 MPa high strength steel welded T-section column
Xianlei Cao, Yunxu Chen, Chao Cheng, Jun Fan, Shiqi Shen, Zhengqiang Tao, Rui Zhong, Xuejun Zhou, Seung-Eock Kim, Zhengyi Kong 179 [ 2022 ]
Cable damage identification of cable-stayed bridge using multi-layer perceptron and graph neural network
Pham Van-Thanh, Jang Yun, Park Jong-Woong, Kim Dong-Joo, Kim Seung-Eock 44(2) [ 2022 ]
Experimental and theoretical study on mechanical properties of mild steel after corrosion
Zhengyi Kong, Ya Jin, Golder Md Sabbir Hossen, Shaozheng Hong, Yan Wang, Quang-Viet Vu, Viet-Hung Truong, Qinglin Tao, Seung-Eock Kim 246 [ 2022 ]
Application of GMDH model for predicting the fundamental period of regular RC infilled frames
Tran Viet-Linh, Kim, Seung-Eock 42(1) [ 2022 ]
Damaged cable detection with statistical analysis, clustering, and deep learning models
Hyesook Son, Chanyoung Yoon, Yejin Kim, Yun Jang, Linh Viet Tran, Seung-Eock Kim, Dong Joo Kim, Jongwoong Park 29(1) [ 2022 ]
The nonlinear dynamic response and vibration of organic solar plate in thermal environment
Vu Minh Anh, Duong Tuan Manh, Kim Seung-Eock, Nguyen Dinh Duc 108454 [ 2021 .12 ]
Experimental study on bearing capacity of corroded high-strength bolt connections under shear force
Kong Zhengyi, Yang Fan, Jin Ya, Hong Shaozheng, Wang Xueqing, Vu Quang-Viet, Truong Viet-Hung, Kim Seung-Eock* 309, 125117 [ 2021 ]
Development of a smart concrete block with an eccentric load sensing capacity
Tae Uk Kim*, Huy Viet Le, Jong Woong Park, Seung Kim Eock, Yun Jang, Dong Joo Kim* 306, 124881 [ 2021 ]
Development of Low-Cost Wireless Sensing System for Smart Ultra-High Performance Concrete
Le, Huy-Viet, Kim, Tae-Uk, Khan, Suleman, Park, Jun-Young, Park, Jong-Woong, Kim, Seung-Eock, Jang, Yun, Kim, Dong-Joo 21(9), 6386 [ 2021 ]
Deterministic and stochastic thermomechanical nonlinear dynamic responses of functionally graded sandwich plates
Minh-Chien Trinh, Seung-Eock Kim 274, 114359 [ 2021 ]
A hybrid machine learning approach in prediction and uncertainty quantification of ultimate compressive strength of RCFST columns
Mai-Suong T. Nguyen, Seung-Eock Kim 302, 124208 [ 2021 ]
Numerical simulation for structural behavior of stainless steel web cleat connections
Zhengyi Kong, Ya Jina, Fan Yang, Quang-Viet Vu, Viet-Hung Truong, Bo Yu, Seung-Eock Kim 183, 106706 [ 2021 ]
Image-Based TF Colorization With CNN for Direct Volume Rendering
Kim, Seokyeon, Jang, Yun, Kim, Seung-Eock 9, 124281-124294 [ 2021 ]
Deep Learning-Based Anomaly Detection to Classify Inaccurate Data and Damaged Condition of a Cable-Stayed Bridge
Son, Hyesook, Jang, Yun, Kim, Seung-Eock, Kim, Dongjoo, Park, Jong-Woong 9, 124549-124559 [ 2021 ]
Visual Analysis of Spatiotemporal Data Predictions with Deep Learning Models
Hyesook Son, Seokyeon Kim, Hanbyul Yeon, Yejin Kim, Yun Jang,* Seung-Eock Kim 11(13), 5853 [ 2021 ]
Local–overall interactive buckling behaviour of 800 MPa high-strength steel welded H-section members under axial compression
Xianlei Cao, Rui Zhong, Yong Xu, Chao Cheng, Shitong Liu, Zongping Chen, Seung-Eock Kim, Zhengyi Kong 164, 107793 [ 2021 ]
Finite element simulation of normal – Strength CFDST members with shear connectors under bending loading
Seung-Eock Kim, George Papazafeiropoulos, Viet-Hung Truong, Phu-Cuong Nguyen, Zhengyi Kong, Nguyen-Thê Duong, Van-Trung Pham, Quang-Viet Vu 238, 112011 [ 2021 ]
Improving axial compression capacity prediction of elliptical CFST columns using hybrid ANN-IP model
Viet-Linh Tran, Yun Jang, Seung-Eock Kim 39(3), 319-335 [ 2021 ]
Damage localization and severity assessment of a cable-stayed bridge using message passing neural network
Hye-Sook Son, Van-Thanh Pham, Yun Jang, Seung-Eock Kim 21(9), 3118 [ 2021 ]
Nonlinear inelastic analysis of semi-rigid steel frames with circular concrete-filled steel tubular columns
Van-Tuong Bui, Seung-Eock Kim 196, 106273 [ 2021 ]
Fully nonlinear inelastic analysis of rectangular concrete-filled steel tubular frames with semi-rigid connections
Van-Tuong Bui, Quang-Viet Vu, Viet-Hung Truong, Seung-Eock Kim 35(5), 497-521 [ 2021 ]
SSVM: An Ultra-Low-Power Strain Sensing and Visualization Module for Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring
Suleman Khan, Jongbin Won, Junsik Shin, Junyoung Park, Jong-Woong Park, Seung-Eock Kim, Yun Jang, Dong Joo Kim 21(6), 2211 [ 2021 ]
Optimal design of longitudinal stiffeners of unsymmetric plate girders subjected to pure bending
Seung-Eock Kim, George Papazafeiropoulos, Carlos Graciano, Viet-Hung Truong, Quang Thang Do, Zhengyi Kong, Quang-Viet Vu 221, 108374 [ 2021 ]
“New equations for predicting initial stiffness and ultimate moment of flush end-plate connections”
Zhengyi Kong, Shaozheng Hong, Quang-Viet Vu, Xianlei Cao, Seung-Eock Kim, Bo Yu Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 175, 106336 [ 2020 ]
“An experimental study on stress relaxation behaviour of high strength steel cable: Microstructural evolution and degradation of mechanical properties”
Ngoc-Vinh Nguyen, Quoc-Anh Vu, Seung-Eock Kim Construction and Building Materials, 261, 119926 [ 2020 ]
“Comparison of machine learning algorithms for regression and classification of ultimate load-carrying capacity of steel frames”
Seung-Eock Kim, Quang-Viet Vu, George Papazafeiropoulos, Zhengyi Kong, Viet-Hung Truong Steel and Composite Structures, 37, 193-209 [ 2020 ]
“Behavior of composite CFST beam concrete column joints”
Seung Eock Kim, Ji Hun Choi, Thai Hoan Pham, Viet Hung Truong, Zhengyi Kong, Nguyen-Thê Duong, Quang Viet Vu Steel and Composite Structures, 37, 75-90 [ 2020 ]
“Experimental study on local buckling of 800 MPa HSS welded I-section columns under axial compression”
Xianlei Cao, Geng Zhao, Zhengyi Kong, Hao Shen, Chao Cheng, Zongping Chen, Seung-Eock Kim Thin-Walled Structures, 155, 106878 [ 2020 ]
“Fully nonlinear analysis of steel-concrete composite girder with web local buckling effects”
Van-Tuong Bui, Viet-Hung Truong, Minh-Chien Trinh, Seung-Eock Kim International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 184, 105729 [ 2020 ]
“A semi-analytical stochastic buckling quantification of porous functionally graded plates”
Minh-Chien Trinh, Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay, Seung-Eock Kim Aerospace Science and Technology, 105, 105928 [ 2020 ]
“Efficiency of three advanced data-driven models for predicting axial compression capacity of CFDST columns”
Viet-Linh Tran, Seung-Eock Kim Thin-Walled Structures, 152, 106744 [ 2020 ]
“Predicting the axial compressive capacity of circular concrete filled steel tube columns using an artificial neural network”
Mai-Suong T. Nguyen, Duc-Kien Thai, Seung-Eock Kim Steel and Composite Structures, 35, 417-437 [ 2020 ]
“Experimental study to investigate microstructure and continuous strain rate sensitivity of structural steel weld zone using nanoindentation”
Ngoc-Vinh Nguyen, Seung-Eock Kim International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 174, 105482 [ 2020 ]
“Reliability Evaluation of Semirigid Steel Frames Using Advanced Analysis”
Seung-Eock Kim, Viet-Hung Truong Journal of Structural Engineering, 146(5), 04020064 [ 2020 ]
“Nonlinear buckling and post-buckling analysis of shear deformable stiffened truncated conical sandwich shells with functionally graded face sheets and a functionally graded porous core”
Nguyen Dinh Duc, Seung-Eock, Kim, Nguyen Dinh Khoa, Do Quang Chan Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials [ 2020 ]
“A practical ANN model for predicting the PSS of two-way reinforced concrete slabs”
Viet-Linh Tran, Seung-Eock Kim ENGINEERING WITH COMPUTERS [ 2020 ]
“Effect of residual stress and geometric imperfection on the strength of steel box girders”
Eun-Ji Jo, Quang-Viet Vu, Seung-Eock Kim STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 34, 423-440 [ 2020 ]
“Vibration and nonlinear dynamic analysis of variable thickness sandwich laminated composite panel in thermal environment ”
Nguyen D Duc, Seung-Eock Kim, Vu T ThuyAnh, Vu M Anh JOURNAL OF SANDWICH STRUCTURES & MATERIALS, 0(0), 1-30 [ 2020 ]
“Effect of eccentrically oblique stiffeners and temperature on the nonlinear static and dynamic response of S-FGM cylindrical panels”
Nguyen Dinh Duc, Seung-Eock Kim, Duong Tuan Manh, Pham Dinh Nguyen Thin-Walled Structures, 146, 106438 [ 2020 ]
“Nonlinear buckling of eccentrically stiffened nanocomposite cylindrical panels in thermal environments”
Nguyen Dinh Duc, Seung-Eock Kim, Tran Quoc Quan, Duong Tuan Manh, Nguyen Huy Cuong Thin-Walled Structures, 146, 106428 [ 2020 ]
“Application of ANN in predicting ACC of SCFST column”
Viet-Linh Tran, Duc-Kien Thai, Seung-Eock Kim COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 228, 111332 [ 2019 ]
“A three variable refined shear deformation theory for porous functionally graded doubly curved shell analysis”
Minh-Chien Trinh, Seung-Eock Kim Aerospace Science and Technology, 94, 105356 [ 2019 ]
“A new empirical formula for prediction of the axial compression capacity of CCFT columns”
Viet-Linh Tran Duc-Kien Thai, Seung-Eock Kim STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 33(2), 181-194 [ 2019 ]
“Strain rate-dependent behaviors of mechanical properties of structural steel investigated using indentation and finite element analysis ”
Ngoc-Vinh Nguyen, Thai-Hoan Pham, Kim, Seung-Eock MECHANICS OF MATERIALS, 137, 103089 [ 2019 ]
“Behavior of composite CFST beam-steel column joints”
STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 32(2), 181-194 [ 2019 ]
“Nonlinear dynamic response and vibration of shear deformable piezoelectric functionally graded truncated conical panel in thermal environments”
Do Quang Chan, Tran Quoc Quan, Seung-Eock Kim, Nguyen Dinh Duc EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MECHANICS A-SOLIDS. 77, 103795 [ 2019 ]
“Local buckling of 800 MPa high strength steel welded T-section columns under axial compression”
Xianlei Cao, Lixiang Gu, Zhengyi Kong, Geng Zhao, Min Wang, Seung-Eock Kim, Dongyun Jia, Cuiling Ma Engineering Structures, 194, 196-206 [ 2019 ]
“Nonlinear vibration and dynamic buckling of eccentrically oblique stiffened FGM plates resting on elastic foundations in thermal environment”
Seung-Eock Kim, Nguyen Dinh Duc, Vu Hoai Nam, Nguyen Van Sy THIN-WALLED STRUCTURES, 142, 287-296 [ 2019 ]
“Nonlinear dynamic response and vibration of FG CNTRC shear deformable circular cylindrical shell with temperature-dependent material properties and surrounded on elastic foundations”
Nhuyen Van Thanh, Vu Dinh Quang, Nguyen Dinh Khoa, Kim Seung-Eock, Nguyen Dinh Duc JOURNAL OF SANDWICH STRUCTURES & MATERIALS, 21(7), 2456-2483 [ 2019 ]
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